Friday, December 16, 2016

25 Thoughts on Christmas # 16

“You are to give him the name Jesus”

The value the name of Jesus has to you is based on the experiences that you’ve had with Him.  If someone just shows up to church on Sunday and believes that is what following Jesus is all about, honestly His name isn’t going to carry that much weight in their life.  They may respect it.  They may take their hat off during prayer.  His name may have some value, but until a person gets to a point in their life where they do not just want to read about Jesus or hear about Jesus but desire to embrace His way of life … have Him invade their life … to have Him fill them up until they can be filled no more … when a person experiences Jesus like that, His name will begin mean so much more.  The power and authority of Jesus’ name doesn’t change regardless of what a person thinks of Him.  But the value of His name to you personally is determined by how much you allow Him to work in your life. 

I have discovered that the more I allow Jesus to work and move and do what only He can do in my life, the more value His name has to me.  When the love and grace of Jesus Christ finally won me over, I truly began to understand who He is, what He does, and what He is all about … His name became more than just a name to me.  His name became my salvation, my source of strength. 

Louie Giglio wrote, “There is no one like Him—no other name even comes close. No fame on this earth should be mentioned in the same sentence with His. He is Supreme. Stellar. Significant. Sturdy. He stands the test of time . . . and then some. Jesus has the Name that makes demons tremble. The Name that vanquishes death. The Name that breaks iron bars. The Name that sets prisoners free. Jesus is the highest, the most honorable. Jesus alone is holy. He trumps everything and everyone. And anyone who thinks differently is a fool for doing so. The Name of Jesus awakens the dead and gives them life. His Name awakens the dawn and ushers in nightfall. And this Name, like no other name, He has given to all who believe in Him. All who call on the name of Jesus, will be saved.”

Jesus is our only hope in a hopeless world.  The Bible says that we may have life in His name, that Jesus has the name above every name, and that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

I have sung His name quietly to my children as I’ve put them to bed at night … Jesus loves me, this I know.  I have prayed in His name.  I have rejoiced in His name.  I have found peace in His name.  I have cried out in His name.  His name has meant my very salvation because there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. 

What does His name mean to you? I pray that during this Christmas season His name will come to mean more to you than it ever has before.

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