Monday, December 12, 2016

25 Thoughts on Christmas # 12

“And his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor” (Isaiah 9:6)

My wife Carol is a gifted counselor.  God has blessed her with the ability to listen beneath the words of others and begin to help others see what they are longing for in their life.  She is able to look at behaviors and realize that behaviors typically serve a purpose.  Even if a person hates something they are doing, they are still trying to accomplish something through that behavior.  Carol has often been given the opportunity to help people find the goal behind their behavior and help them to see that what they are doing is a way to look for "wholeness" in something that was never meant to make a person whole.  Carol’s desire as a counselor has always been to help people meet Jesus … to help people see that the deepest longings of the human soul always point to Him.

In Isaiah 9:6, Jesus is prophetically referred to as “Wonderful Counselor.” How wonderful it is to have Him continually pointing me to Himself … to accept me but with the agenda to transform me in His presence.  How wonderful it is to have Him listen to me … to allow me to openly share my heart with Him … to know that He will never leave me alone in my brokenness … to know that I will never go unnoticed by Him.  How wonderful it is to be relentlessly pursued by Him and to know that my mess does not cause Him to turn away.  How wonderful it is to hold out what is empty and ask Him to fill it … to hold out what is messy and ask Him to cleanse it … to hold out what is wounded and ask Him to heal it … to hold out what is sinful and ask Him to redeem it. How could we not love a God like that? Jesus is my wonderful Counselor. 

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