Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Our church just finished a sermon series entitled "Ordinary" and it was one of the BEST series I have ever heard!  Each week was loaded with encouragement and I walked away more and more amazed at God.  He just seems to enjoy making straight lines with crooked sticks. So, if you're reading this right now and you feel inadequate, unqualified, and like you don't have it all together, you're in good company.  The great news is that God does not need a better version of you in order to work in you and through you.  

If you take the time to watch any of these messages, I think you will see that God is more than willing and able to use our weakness and our neediness to demonstrate His power.  Be encouraged.

Week 1:  No Little People

Week 2:  An Ordinary Con Man

Week 3:  An Ordinary Joe

Week 4:  Beyond Hallmark Mothers

Week 5:  Esther

Week 6:  An Ordinary Outcast

Week 7:  When Our Weakness and God's Strength Collide

Week 8:  We Need More Johns

Week 9:  An Ordinary Dinner Guest

Week 10:  An Ordinary Father

Week 11:  An Ordinary Guy in the Stands

Week 12:  An Ordinary Quitter

Week 13:  An Unloved Sister

Week 14:  These Things Matter

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