Monday, December 7, 2015

Fear vs. Faith

Fear panics.  Faith trusts.
Fear sells.  Faith provides.
Fear retreats.  Faith stands.
Fear rejects.  Faith endures.
Fear accuses.  Faith defends.
Fear deceives.  Faith believes.
Fear enslaves.  Faith liberates.
Fear worries.  Faith anticipates.
Fear condemns.  Faith pardons.
Fear sees mountains.  Faith moves mountains.
Fear says, “Not me.”  Faith says, “Why not me?”
Fear motivates with guilt.  Faith motivates with grace.
Fear shouts, “Look at me!”  Faith shouts, “Look at God!”
Fear believes in the size of faith.  Faith believes in the size of God.
Fear believes my own eyes and ears.  Faith believes the Word of God.
Fear works for God’s acceptance.  Faith rests in God’s acceptance through Jesus.

A circumstance or a situation that requires faith will always be opposed by a feeling other than faith.  There will always be a doubt or a fear that tries to make God appear smaller than He really is or less capable than He is or not who He is. Always.  In that moment, what you choose to believe will make all the difference in the world.

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