Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why Are We Told to Stand More Than We Are Told to Fight? ... The Armor of God # 2

Yesterday I mentioned that I would take some time over the next few days to post some things I've learned about the Armor of God.  You can read those initial thoughts here.  It was a very eye-opening study for me and I learned so much from various authors, speakers, and theologians.  

Before getting in to the specific parts of the armor of God, I mentioned yesterday that there were two very interesting things that jumped out at me from Ephesians 6:10 - 17.  I covered one of those topics yesterday ... the idea that we are told to "be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might."  The enemy would want nothing more than for us to trust in our own strength, our own righteousness, our own abilities because as long as we are doing that, we are not trusting in God.

The second interesting thing I noticed is that we are told to "stand" more than we are told to fight.  When I think of a battle I think of fighting.  When I think of armor I think of fighting.  But, in this passage we never see the word "fight" and only once is the word "wrestle" used.  But, four different times the word "stand" is used.  I find that interesting.

Last night my wife was out with a friend and so after the kids were in bed I took the opportunity to watch a movie I have been wanting to watch for some time:  American Sniper.  I am still processing that movie and I had so many different emotions rising up inside of me while watching it.  But, one thing that still stands out to me is the fighting that took place on the battlefield.  The soldiers would go from house to house, strong-hold to strong-hold and just keep moving forward because they wanted to take ground. I am truly amazed at the courage of our military men and women and so thankful for their sacrifice.  They had to fight to win the battle.  They had to move forward and take ground in order to win the war.

So, in this spiritual battle, why are we not told to "go fight?"  You can't take much ground if you're just standing there, so why are we told to "stand" more than we are told to "fight?"  One author said it this way:  "We are told to stand our ground because we're not fighting FOR victory but rather FROM victory!"  You see, in the eyes of God, your victory is never in doubt because it's already been won!  So, the battle that we're in is not a battle for victory because our enemy has already been defeated.  We are fighting from victory!  This is why we are warriors and not whiners ... victors not victims. Our Savior has already taken the spiritual ground!  Our job is to hold it!  

Although our spiritual enemy is a defeated enemy, he is still waging war.  But, we can stand confidently because we do not stand in our own strength but rather in God's.  And, we can stand confidently knowing that the battle has already been won and we fight from victory  as we live in and live out the truth of the armor of God.  

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