Monday, February 16, 2015

I Met Garth Brooks ... and 10 Other Random Facts That Really Don't Matter

I've been putting together a weekly schedule for the past few months in an effort to be more organized and also to help me focus on what matters most.  So, at the beginning of each week, I find myself asking the question "What matters most this week?"  As I focus on things that do matter, I also discover things that don't really matter.  

Anyway, I thought I'd try to have a little fun with that for a few minutes by thinking through things that have happened in my life that ... well ... don't really matter.  Here ya go:

10. I was spit on by a professional wrestler named Bam Bam Bigalow.  At the time it was a 
      big deal, but looking back I realize, eh, it's just kind of gross.

  9. I was once mistaken for a Division 1 basketball player.

  8. I have been in two commercials.  

  7. While on a date with Carol, we saw two people wearing oxygen making out in a 
      Barnes and Noble cafe.  How they figured out how to do it with those tubes up their
      nose, I'm still not sure.  "Love" always finds a way.

  6. I hate cotton balls.  Can't stand 'em.  The thought of them, the feel of them.  Ugh!

  5. One Christmas, in front of the entire church, I was talking about our Christmas series: 
      "A Peanuts Perspective" (based off of Charlie Brown). I mistakenly said "A Penis 

  4. I mistakenly drove through a police barricade and was chewed out by a police officer 
      who I literally thought was going to taze me.  I know the immediate question is "How
      can one 'mistakenly' drive through a barricade?"  Well, trust me.  I found a way.

  3. While on a mission trip as a teenager, I had to speak at a church.  I was talking about 
      forgiveness.  My illustration was that other teens would purposely flush the toilets while
      some of us were taking showers and it turned the water really cold.  This bothered me 
      but to demonstrate forgiveness I had to ... and I quote ... "Turn the other cheek."  Didn't 
      even catch the pun.  Just kept on talking and couldn't figure out why everyone was 
      laughing.  Looking back, though, it was pretty funny.

 2.  I have not thrown up in 23 years.  It's a streak I hope to continue.

 1.  A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... I once had long hair AND an earring.

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