Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Hair Dryer, Jesus, and the Impact Goes On

So, I had a really interesting, but great experience this morning.  I was invited to be a part of a "Women's Huddle."  Now, at the risk of losing my "man card" I have to say that I enjoy going to Bath and Body Works.  My father-in-law once got me a gift card to Peer 1 Imports.  And, I get excited about tea.  But, in spite of all that, I typically don't get invited to Women's Huddles.  

This group is a group of some women's small group leaders at Grace Community who get together to talk about their groups, pray, and just enjoy being together.  Let me tell ya ... being in a house full of ladies brought out every middle school insecurity I've ever had!  But, it really was a great morning and the reason I, and another one of our pastors, was there was to help honor a lady who was "retiring" from being a small group coach.

Anyway, while we were all having breakfast, I was in a conversation with a lady who was talking about an opportunity she had to share Jesus with her hair stylist.  Two things went through my mind:  1)  I'll probably never have a conversation like this with a man.  2) This is such a cool story!  

She was talking about how she was in a conversation with the lady cutting her hair and how they were talking about faith and religion and the types of families they grew up in.  The conversation got so in depth and intense that the stylist actually cut about 2 extra inches off the ladies hair!  But, she didn't mind.  She was so thankful for the opportunity to share.

Now, my hair dryer is a towel, so I don't know exactly how this works, but I guess she was getting her hair dried under one of the salon dryers.  She was still talking with the stylist and just began sharing with her how to have a relationship with Jesus.  As she is doing this, she's realizing that she is yelling so loudly because of the dryer that EVERYONE in the salon is hearing her share the Gospel.  It was a conversation directed toward one person, but the message went out to so many more people because everyone in that salon heard about Jesus that morning.

Stay with me ...

We all then move in to a room to begin to honor Kathy (our small group coach who is "retiring") and to discuss the impact she has had on their life.  There were tears.  There was laughter.  Powerful things were shared.  There were some women in the room who were directly impacted by Kathy because of her direct involvement in their life.  But, there were just as many who were impacted INDIRECTLY by Kathy. They were coached by women Kathy coached.  Their small groups were led by women who were in small group with Kathy. There were some who became small group leaders because of a direct ask from Kathy and they shared stories of lives Jesus changed in their groups and people who were saved and baptized.  It was truly an amazing time. Kathy's focus was always one person at a time.  But, God took that focus and multiplied it more than any of us will truly ever know.  

I was reminded today that God takes what we offer and multiplies it in ways we may never fully know.  Just as the lady in the salon was having one conversation, but it was heard by many, the time and love and grace we pour in to one person at a time will be heard by many as well.  The time you invest in that "one person" will in some way be passed on to another.  The grace you show that "one person" will in some way be passed on to another. The date you have with your daughter ... the time in the woods with your son ... these types of things have a greater impact than we will ever know.

God is the great multiplier!  He takes our "little" and makes it much.  Sometimes we don't see it.  Sometimes we can become tired and worn out and wonder if anything we are doing is truly making a difference.  Let me encourage you today by saying it is.  It is making a difference.  Focus on the good you are to do and allow God to handle the results.  Paul, a man who invested his life in others, reminds us of this:  "Let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up."  (Galatians 6:9)  

So, don't give up.  Keep getting up on Sundays to serve.  Keep waking up every day to teach. Keep going to your job and being an encouragement to the guy on the line next to you. Keep planning a fun date with your son or daughter. I promise you that God takes what little you may feel you have to offer and He turns it in to much.  

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