Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pretty. Smart. Strong.

I have two beautiful daughters. They are so fun and bring such joy to my heart. I absolutely love being their dad. They're my girls ... but even more than that, they are God's girls. I am blown away by the fact that God trusts me enough to raise His girls. I certainly won't raise them perfectly, but I want to raise them the best that I can.  

One thing I try to do as a dad is build a strong sense of identity and strength in to my girls. Several months ago I started saying to them that Yauger girls are "pretty, smart, and strong." It was a simple statement that I began repeating to them. I wanted them to know that their dad believed in them ... that they were pretty, smart, and strong.  But, then I transitioned from telling them what I believed Yauger girls were to asking them the question: "What are Yauger girls?" They're response to me: "Pretty, smart, and strong."     

Our voice as a dad is a powerful influence on our girls. I ultimately long for my girls to find their confidence and their identity walking with Jesus, but I also realize that, as their dad, I can intentionally pour in to them and let my belief in who they are begin to find it's way in to their belief of who they are. I know that the world can be a difficult place for young girls, but if they can start out knowing that their mom and dad truly believe in them and find them to be "pretty, smart, and strong" ... and so much more ... that can help lay a foundation for them actually believing it themselves. 

If you're a parent of girls, how you are intentionally using your voice to breathe life in to them? Do your words and actions help them to feel loved and enjoyed? Do your words and actions help them see that they have something to offer the world around them?

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