Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Without the Sherpas We Cannot Climb

I read an article today on CNN.com that talked about the recent tragedy at Mount Everest that left 13 guides dead and 3 unaccounted for.  The article talked about how many of the climbers waiting to climb Mount Everest have had to abandon their efforts because the Sherpas are refusing to climb right now.  One climber said, "Without the Sherpas, we cannot climb." The article was clear to say that the Sherpas were not keeping anyone from climbing.  They were just refusing to climb themselves out of respect for their fallen comrades.  

Sherpas are an ethnic group from Nepal who are known for their ability to climb.  They do the hard work of fixing climbing lines all the way to the summit of Everest.  They also transport all of the equipment to the various camps, transport oxygen to other climbers, and help rescue stranded climbers when possible. The article went on to say "Without their assistance, making the long, dangerous journey is nearly impossible for all but the most experienced climbers."  

Reading the article really got me thinking about all of the behind the scenes work the Sherpas do.  They make everything possible for someone to reach the summit. They set the stage for someone else's success.  They rarely, if ever, get the credit, but the summit could not be reached without them.

This post is simply my little shout out to all of those who work behind the scenes.  You do so much that others may never see.  You put in hours others do not know about.  You write letters, make phone calls, give anonymously ... you work where others do not see ... never wanting the credit ... just wanting to make a difference.  Thank you for your hard work!  We cannot climb without you.

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