Friday, April 11, 2014

A Strong Family

The weather has been beautiful here the past couple of days which has given us the opportunity to do some things that we haven't had the opportunity to do in a while ... like draw with chalk in the driveway.

This is a picture our son drew.  It's of our family of six.  It's been in the driveway for a couple of days but, before I left for the office this morning, I just stopped and stared at it for a bit.  While doing that I noticed something interesting.  "Mom and Dad" were right in the center of the picture ... right in the center of the house.  I'm no psychologist and certainly no expert, but as I looked at the picture I think our son was showing us something.  He was showing us what the world is like to him ... it's home ... it's family ... with mom and dad at the center.

As a husband and dad, this picture reminded me that the absolute best thing I can do for my kids is to love my wife well.  This picture reminded me that, at this stage of their life, stability and security for my kids starts with stability and security in our marriage.  It reminded me that, yes, my kids want and need my love, time, and attention and I love to give it to them.  I have so much fun with my kids.  But, it is even more important for me to give my wife time, attention and love, allowing my kids to see that I have fun with their mom too!  The more they see this, the greater sense of security they will have.  And, so much can be built upon a foundation that is strong, stable, and secure.  A strong marriage will make for a strong home and family.  Certainly not perfect, but strong enough to handle the imperfections and to seek to  "do everything in love." (1 Corinthians 16:14)

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