Monday, March 3, 2014

The Heroes You May Not Know

My family had the opportunity to have dinner with another family Saturday night.  It was a great time to spend together and get to know each other better.  As we were sharing our stories with each other, we began to realize that we all had many people invest in our lives throughout the years ... especially when we were younger.  It was great to simply reflect on the impact these people had on our lives.  

I can think of the many who invested in me during my middle, high school, and college years.  Many were people that were never on stage.  They never started their own ministry.  They didn't give millions to charity.  They were not famous in any way.  Some were quiet.  They could step in to a room and you'd never know they were there.  In the scope of the masses, their impact would seem small.  But, in my eyes, their impact was huge!  I'm so grateful for names most would never recognize: Rory, Cliff, Carolyn, Lynn, Michael, Ron ... these are all names from my teenage and college years that I hold in such high regard.  Their names most would never know, but their work, and the work of many others, continues to this day in my life.  They are certainly heroes to me.

No act of kindness is ever too small.  No prayer you pray for someone else is ever in vain.  Any small act of kindness has the potential of turning in to a big blessing.  We can all be that type of hero.

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