Friday, February 7, 2014

Dad Prayer

If you're a dad, feel free to use this prayer as you pray for your kids ... 

God, I pray that You will always be the greatest example of parenting that I follow.  You are my heavenly Father and, even though I fall woefully short, I want to follow Your example as a Father.  One thing You show me in Your word is that You rejoice over me as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride.  (Isaiah 62:5)  What that shows me is that You don't just love me ... You also enjoy me.  I pray that I will follow that example.  I pray that my kids will not just feel loved by me, but that they will also know that I truly enjoy them.  May I never do anything that causes them to feel like a burden.  May I never complain about being a parent.  May I never do anything that may cause my kids to feel like I do not enjoy being their dad.  I pray that they will not just feel my love for them, but that they will also feel my absolute enjoyment of them.  What a wonderful opportunity You have given me as a dad.  Thank you for this gift and may my kids always know that my greatest joy is being a husband and a dad.

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