Thursday, January 23, 2014

Prayers of a Husband

God, Your word describes David as a "talented harp player."  (1 Samuel 16:18)  But, not only that.  He was also a "brave warrior."  (1 Samuel 16:18).  In my mind, those two things do not seem to go together ... playing the harp and being a mighty warrior ... but Your word shows me that one of the greatest men mentioned in the Bible was both of these things.  You show me that I can be tender and compassionate, yet brave and strong all at the same time.  I believe You call me to be both of these things for my wife.  Help me to be tender enough to listen to her day and strong enough to not allow anything to come between us.  Help me to be tender enough to hold her hand and strong enough to always provide for her.  Help me to be tender enough to cry with her and strong enough to fight for her.  Help my shoulders always to be soft enough for her to fall asleep on and strong enough to help carry her burdens.  Keep me balanced, God.  Help me never to be so tender that I become too soft to fight.  Help me never to become such a hardened warrior that I become too hard for my wife to lean on comfortably.  Teach me how to be tender and strong.  Amen.

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