Monday, January 20, 2014

Prayers of a Husband

Jesus, you have said, "Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you." (John 14:27) I pray that my wife will experience Your peace.  You have already said that You have given it to her.  I'm holding You to Your word and now asking that she will experience Your peace every day.  You, Jesus, were always the most peaceful One in every crowd.  You slept in the midst of a storm (Matthew 8:24), You calmly walked through crowds of people wanting to kill You (Luke 4:29-30), You looked demons in the eye and didn't flinch (Luke 4:33-35).  The peace that You had in every situation is the peace You now give in every situation.  I pray that as my wife walks through her day, that she will experience Your peace.  I pray that our home is a home of peace.  I pray that our marriage is a marriage of peace.  And, when the kids are crying, the demands are increasing, and the stressors of life are adding up, I pray that her heart will not be troubled (Luke 14:27) but that she will experience the peace that only You can give.  Amen.

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