Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prayers of a Husband and Dad

One of the most special moments I remember in my life is when we had the dedication of our first-born, Ezra.  We invited family and friends to celebrate his first birthday, but also to join us as Carol and I dedicated ourselves to raising Him in such a way as to point Him to Jesus and to do all we can to help him become the man God has created him to be.  The picture above holds such powerful memories for me because I see Ezra surrounded by the prayers of those who love him.  We've since been able to do the same thing for each of our kids and every time has been incredibly special.

I pray daily for my wife and kids.  As the "gatekeeper" of our home, I willfully take on the spiritual responsibility for my family.  I have a responsibility to love and serve my wife, just as Jesus loves His bride, the Church.  I have a responsibility to raise kids that, not just my wife and I enjoy, but others enjoy as well.  I have a responsibility to teach them about Jesus and to help them understand how to give back to others.  I am daily amazed that God has blessed me with such a beautiful wife, loving wife and 4 kids that bring such joy to my life.  I am so humbled that He believes in me enough to entrust me with such a great responsibility.

Beside my officially registered "hands of stone," the most powerful offensive and defensive weapon I possess for the protection of my family is prayer.  Again, I pray for them daily, but what I have found, at times, is I struggle to know exactly what to pray.  I sometimes find myself praying the same prayers in the same way.  It doesn't diminish the impact of those prayers, but, for lack of a better way to explain it, my prayers sometimes feel routine.  Now, maybe I'm the only husband and dad in the entire world who has felt like this, or, more likely, this could possibly be something other husbands and dads have felt as well.   

So, this morning I began to think about how I could give my prayers as a husband and dad a bit of a"boost."  Beth Moore has said, "I am utterly convinced that the two major weapons with divine power in our warfare are the Word of God and Spirit-empowered prayer."  So, if I can combine the very words of God with my words in prayer ... it's like a super weapon of sorts!  If I'm fighting spiritually for my family, you better believe I want a super weapon!  So, I've decided to search Scripture and allow the very words of God to lead my prayers as a husband and dad.

What I've also decided is, starting Friday, 1/17, I will regularly post some of my "husband and dad" prayers here, certainly not to draw attention to what I'm praying, but simply as a tool for any other husband and dad who may want a "super weapon" while battling for their family.  Maybe this will give a little direction to you as you pray and give your prayer life a "boost."  If so, praise God for that!  While you're more than welcome to use these same prayers while praying for your family, my ultimate hope is you'll allow the Spirit to lead you in creating these same types of prayers specifically your your wife and/or kids.

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  1. Awesome Rich! Gods Blessings On You and Your Family!


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