Friday, January 17, 2014

Prayer of a Husband

God, you have told me to "share love only with my wife." (Pr. 5:15) and that we should reserve intimacy only for each other (Pr 5:17).  I pray that I may always be captivated by her (Pr. 5:19) and that she will be a fountain of blessing for me (Pr. 5:18).  I pray that my eyes will feast on her and that her body, her beauty, and her personality will be the one that I am always most attracted too.  Please help me to always make the choice to rejoice in the wife of my youth (Pr. 5:18).  Amen.


  1. You have an amazing wife. She is teaching me so much just through her actions. I am blessed to be getting to know your family.

  2. You truly are blessed with an amazing and beautiful wife, Rich! I just told her Sunday how pretty she looked! Stunning!


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