Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shout Out to Pastor's Wives

One of our photographers at Grace Community snapped this pic of my wife and the kids on their way to church this past Sunday.  I love this pic, not just because it's one of my family, but also because it's just a small picture of everything my wife does behind the scenes.  I don't think my wife and I really knew what we were getting in to nearly 11 years ago when I became one of the pastors on staff at Grace.  We have learned so much over the years at Grace Community, but looking back neither of us really knew what being a pastor was going to be all about.  One thing I certainly know for sure, though, is that I could not do what I do if it wasn't for my wife.  She does so much behind the scenes that no one will ever know about.    She's a beautiful picture of grace and patience ... hard work and persistence.   

She talks with people no one knows she's talked too.  She helps people no one knows she's helped.  She makes things and provides things that no one knows she provides.  She has a great ability to focus her efforts on one person or a small group of people and really impact their lives in a powerful way.  She's not "big" on being up front, but has been asked to speak at more places outside the church than I have because of her ability as a counselor.  And, every time she has spoken to a class or a group or at a conference, she has totally nailed it!  My wife is a counselor and her ability to listen beneath the words of others and pour in to their lives, in my opinion, is just incredibly special!  

Her prayers every morning are a powerful way for her to start her day and I know they help empower me and our family and our ministry.  The time she spends in the Bible every morning fills her with truth and nourishes her soul.  Because her soul is full, she is able to give to others.

The life of a pastor's wife is not an easy one.  Please don't get me wrong.  I realize that it's not just pastor's wives who face unique struggles.  A policeman's wife or a fireman's wife or the wife of someone in the armed forces ... wow, what they do and how they do it is simply amazing.  But, I simply just wanted to take a moment and say how amazing my wife is for all she does and how, as a pastor, I'm often the one who gets "thanked" for a message or I get the encouragement notes in the mail and even the occasional gift card.  I'm so grateful for those things, but if it wasn't for my wife, the truth is, I wouldn't be half the pastor ... half the man ... that I am today.  A pastor's wife faces her own unique set of challenges and struggles.  I'm thankful that my wife, and I can say the same of the other pastor's wives here at Grace, face those struggles with courage and grace.  So, if you know the wife of a pastor, take a moment to simply say "thanks."  What they do often goes unseen and unnoticed, but is a driving force behind their husband and the ministry of the church!

I love my wife!

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