Friday, August 23, 2013

You Never Know What an Invite May Do

That's my son Ezra above.  I could go on and on about the kid, but I'll only mention one thing that happened this week that I just think is totally cool. On Tuesday, he told me that he invited a friend from school to church with him on Wednesday.  This friend lives close to us, so we've gotten to know him and his family just a bit.  Wednesday comes around and I ask Ezra if his friend was able to come with us to church.  Ezra tells me that his friend forgot to ask his mom about it, so we didn't know if he would be able to come with us.  Before our dinner Wednesday, Ezra really wants to have his friend come to church.  So, we decided to walk him to his friend's house and ask if he could join us for church.  As we were walking to the house, I let Ezra know that I want him to do the talking and invite his friend. Ezra tells me "You do the knockin' and I'll do the talkin'!"  That's just a little peek in to his sense of humor.  :)

Anyway, long story short ... the friend is able to with us.  While loading everyone up in our mini-van, Ezra says "Wait.  I forgot my Bible."  So, he gets out of the van, runs in to the house, and gets his Bible.  As he gets back in to the van, his friend asks Ezra "What did you forget?"  Ezra says, "My Bible."  His friend looks at him and again says "Your what?"  Ezra says, "My Bible."  And, his friend has this look on his face like "I have no idea what you're talking about."  Ezra begins to tell him "Yeah, the Bible.  It's so cool!  There are thousands of stories in it and they're ALL true!"  

I share this for just a couple of reasons:

1.  I'm proud of my son for doing this!

2. I love that my children get to be in a kid's ministry that they can be proud to invite a friend too!  They love being a part of Kid City and Pastor Jon and the rest of the staff do an amazing with the kids!

3. My son's friend (a fellow first grader) had never heard the word "Bible" before.  A simple invite has now exposed him to a book that is "So cool!  There are thousands of stories in it and they're all true!"  He was able to walk in to a place that was fun, loving, and talked to kids about Jesus.  He would not have had that experience if it wasn't for the invite.

4. We never know who is walking through our church doors.  Some are close to God.  Some are far away.  Regardless, they all need Jesus!  Our role is to point those people to Him.

We never know what an invite may do for someone.  It may be just what they need to take a step closer to Jesus.  It may be the thing needed to help them feel like someone cares enough to invite them to church.  It may be what God uses to bring someone in to a relationship with Him.  

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