Monday, August 12, 2013

Get One Under Your Belt

I enjoy running.  I set the goal of running 500 miles this year.  Right now I'm at 384 miles.  If all goes according to plan, I should surpass my goal by the end of the year.  But, it's been about 3 weeks since my last run.  My last run was at the Momentum youth conference. I went for a fun run with some of our teenagers. (Side Note:  Nothing will humble you like running with teenagers).  Anyway, I got back from the conference and life got busy ... working at the church, a week's vacation, dealing with 3 out of our 4 kids being sick ... before I knew it, 3 weeks had gone by and I had been without a run.  What I noticed was I kept telling myself that I was going to run "today" but something would come up or I'd lose track of time and I would just not want to do it.  Before long I started to feel tired and lacking energy and I found it harder and harder to find the motivation for that run.  Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion not only applied to physics but they also applied to my life:  "A body at rest will stay at rest.  A body in motion will stay in motion."  

Today, I put my body in motion.  I had my first run in 3 weeks and it felt great to be able to do it!  It wasn't my best run, by any means.  I felt the effects of three weeks off.  But, it was a run.  And, sometimes, just getting one under your belt is all it takes to set the wheels of momentum in motion.  I don't plan on missing three weeks again.

What's something in your life that you need to "get under your belt?"  What's that something you need to start?  Maybe it's exercise.  Maybe it's a healthy diet.  Maybe it's a decision in ministry you've been putting off for some reason.  Maybe it's that project at home.  Maybe it's a fun activity with the kids.  Maybe it's planning a date night with your wife or husband.  What's that thing you need to just do?  Momentum is a powerful force but momentum in your life will only start when you start. Don't wait any longer.  Before you know it, weeks will go by and it will just get harder and harder to make that thing happen.  Why not make it happen today.

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