Monday, June 10, 2013

Haiti Trip Day 2

We finished up day 2 in Haiti a pretty tired group, but feeling very full of joy.  Our day started by going to a Haitian church.  This was a very special experience for me.  I couldn't understand a word that was said, but I left feeling very joyful.  On Sundays, when I'm heading to church, I pray for our church services specifically.  Then I typically pray for church services across Elkhart County, in the United States, and then I pray for churches meeting around the world.  I ask God to inspire believers and that His name would be honored and lifted up.  Well, it was so cool to actually be a part of one of those churches "around the world."  That prayer of mine will never be the same.

There was lots of singing.  Lots of praying.  And, something that was very special was we were greeted with a "holy kiss" by everyone from the church.  Again, I left feeling very filled with joy.

The little girl above is a girl I met at the church.  My 4-year-old daughter Mercy wanted donate some of her My Little Ponies for the trip.  It was so special to be able to give this girl one of Mercy's ponies.

After the service we walked around the community and played with kids.  Lots of fun!  But, we also met a lady from the church who just had a house fire the day before.  She lost much of what little she had.  Today, we get to go back and help her and provide some mattresses and other things for her.  This lady also has a 17 year old daughter who lost all of her clothes in the fire. The girls on our team are going to donate their clothes to this girl.  That does my heart good!

We spent the afternoon moving rock.  It was incredibly hot, but again, good to work hard.  Afterwards, we took a walk up a mountain.  I love to hike and so this was very fun for me.  The above pic is of me at the top of the mountain we hiked.  The pic below is of our team in the "Tap Tap" that drove us to the bottom of the mountain.  You haven't fully experienced life until you ride in the back of a Tap Tap.  :)

Thanks for your continued prayers for our team.  We're all doing well so far and excited to be here.  We are learning so much and being challenged.  The CPR-3 team is very dedicated to what they are doing and fun to work with.  Again, thanks for your prayers!

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