Friday, June 28, 2013

Hero Adventure

This past Wednesday we had our 2nd Hero Adventure night.  Hero Adventure is an outreach we do specifically for moms and their young sons.  We wanted to provide an opportunity for moms to spend time with their sons in an environment that their sons would just love.  So, we designed a night full of stuff little boys love ... fire trucks, super heroes, bounce houses, a K9 policeman, target shooting, tractors, Legos, coloring and, of course, popcorn and lollipops.  We wanted to let "boys be boys" and also to help moms have an unforgettable night with their sons and to try our best to support our community in this way.

It was really a great night!  I love the fact that we had teenagers and adults serving at this event together.  Each of our volunteers did an amazing job being friendly and fun and just making the night a blast!  Our intern Josh, also did an amazing job lining up all of the firetrucks and policeman and just making sure everything was running smoothly.  He put a lot of time in to this event and it totally paid off!

It was also great to see God come through for us as well.  It was raining most of the day ... and not just a drizzle.  It was raining really hard.  It stopped for a bit in the afternoon but started back up again about 2 hours before the event.  If it was raining we would not have been able to have all of the firetrucks and ambulances and tractors because all of those things would have been outside.  But, the rain stopped about an hour before the event started and I'm incredibly grateful for God just showing us His favor in that way.  

My wife was able to bring our 6-year-old son to Hero Adventure and he just absolutely loved it!  Here's some of what we did below ... 

Nerf Gun Target Shooting ... we set up action figures and let the kids shoot 'em down.

We have 5 different inflatable games.  Below is a baseball game we had set up.  This was a lot of fun! 

As mentioned, we had 7 different fire stations bring equipment out to this event.  I'm so grateful for the fireman in our community and how they serve.  They're so willing to give back to the community and it was fun to watch them with all of the kids.  They let them climb all over the trucks, put on the equipment, honk the horns ... the kids loved it!

We also provided an opportunity for kids to "fight" Darth Vader.  This was a blast!  Our Darth did such a great job and the kids loved using light sabers to fight him.  And, total props to our Darth Vader.  That suit is really hot!  He was drenched in sweat by the end and pretty tired.  But, he never once complained and had a great attitude the entire time.  He made it so much fun for the kids to fight him.

We also had several of our volunteers roaming around doing some fun stuff.  This is Laramie with one of our bubble guns.  We also had volunteers roaming around greeting people, passing out lollipops and popcorn.  We also had a couple volunteers randomly passing out Target gift cards to moms.  One of our regular attendees talked to me and said that she invited one of her friends who does not have a relationship with Jesus to come.  She came for the last 20 minutes of Hero Adventure and during that time received a gift card.  She simply could not understand why we would give a gift card away but felt incredibly blessed because she received one.  That pretty much answers why we gave a few of them away.

We also had a Lego station set up and a coloring station set up.  Even with all of the very active things we had going on, these stations were very full most of the night.  

We wanted to give moms the opportunity to remember the night so we provided a photo booth for them to take pictures with their kids.  We had "super hero" stuff that they could wear, if they wanted, while they got their pictures taken.  Below is one of our volunteers, Hannah, helping a little boy in to a Super Man outfit.

 One of the 5 inflatable games we had during the night.

Kids love tractors.  We had some very generous people from our church bring their tractors in and allow kids to sit in them.  It was lots of fun.

I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity we had as a church to do Hero Adventure.  It really was a memorable night for moms and their sons.  Our volunteers did awesome and it was so fun watching them serve and have fun doing it!  

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