Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Haiti Trip Day 5

We finished up our last day in Haiti today.  What an incredible blessing to be here.  I have been so impressed with our team and the team at CPR-3.  It's been great serving with them.  Our team from Grace has just been amazing!  I have loved watching our teenagers and adults serve side by side.  I think it's so valuable to have adults and teenagers serving together and learning from each other.  I have watched our teenagers this week and have been challenged by them and have learned so much from them.  It's been great to see them just jump in to things.  They have showed such compassion toward everyone here.  Clothing, much of the time, is optional in Haiti.  It's nothing to see naked kids ... and sometimes naked adults ... walking around.  But, our kids have thought nothing of picking up tiny kids with no pants and just holding them and loving on them.  One of our girls was pee'd on and just brushed it off like it happens all the time.  They have given stuff away, given more hugs than I can count, had kids all over them all week, and have worked so incredibly hard with various projects.  I have loved watching them serve.  And, our adults have done the very same thing.  They have used their gifts in so many different ways and have given so much.  Our adults are here on their own time.  They have taken their own vacations to spend a week serving in Haiti.  That inspires me so very much and, even though I knew each of them reasonably well, there's nothing like spending a week in a 3rd world country that will help you get to know people even more!  I have loved watching them work hard and love on kids and just be as flexible as anybody could be.  Didn't matter what they were asked to do ... they did it with all their heart!  I have learned so much from the people on our team!

Some of us spent our morning in a town called "Laberdee" ... not really sure how to spell it, so I spelled it "fo-netically."  :) While there we played with kids, walked around and tried to talk with families, and just had so much fun being there.  Others stayed behind and worked at the CPR-3 site.  The picture above is of a little boy I just grew to adore.  He was so cute and so gentle.  He would just reach out and grab my hand in the sweetest way.  I loved it!  

The picture below is of Ryan getting his hair done by some of the kids.  As you can tell, he loved every minute of it!  

On our walk back to CPR-3, we stopped to say "hi" to some people and I saw the little girl above.  She was playing with a water jug.  It's really amazing how kids can entertain themselves and how they can use their imagination with anything.  It was fun watching her play.

The picture below is of a girl who came out to walk with us.  Yesterday, I gave her one of the My Little Ponies my 4-year-old daughter donated from the trip.  She was still holding it and playing with it.  That really did my heart good!

During the afternoon, we actually had some time off, so our team was able to go to a local beach and spend some time in the Caribbean.  Wow, it was beautiful!  Very relaxing.  We wrapped up our time at the beach in a circle encouraging each other and praying for each other.  I'm looking forward to how God is going to use this trip in each of our lives and how He will continue to break our hearts for people.  For those of you that have prayed for us ... thank you so much.  We'd appreciate you prayers tomorrow as we make the trip home.

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