Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Haiti Trip Day 4

We're wrapping up Day 4 in Haiti.  It started pretty early for us.  We were off and running at 6:45am.  We climbed the mountain that we had hiked 2 days ago and started digging the foundation for a prayer "shelter" that will be built there.  I seriously have a new hatred for the "curse" in Genesis 3 and a new understanding of Genesis 3:17 - 18 which says "Cursed is the ground because of you ... It will produce thorns and thistles for you ..."  The ground certainly felt cursed because it was full of rocks!  Big rocks, small rocks, huge rocks!  With every shovel dig, you'd hit a rock.  You'd dig it out and feel a great sense of accomplishment.  Then, you'd repeat the process all over ... every ... single ... time!  We dug a 20 X 15 "U" shaped ditch that was a foot and a half deep.  Lots of work.  And, I also got to experience one of the "thorns" mentioned in Genesis 3:18 because it got stuck in my thumb!

But, even though it was really difficult work, it was really cool to dig a foundation for something that is the spiritual foundation for all that happens ... prayer.  That mountain is a beautiful place to pray.  In fact, when we got up there this morning, there were two ladies already there praying and singing hymns in Creole.  It was very special listening to them and watching them worship.  I loved the opportunity to work hard and, in particular, to work hard for something that makes the follower of Jesus powerfully effective .... prayer.

The picture above is of the team digging and the picture below is us standing in the ditch.

We came back, had lunch, and then headed to a local school to do some painting.  The picture below is of one of the school rooms.  There are over 600 kids that attend the school and I think there are only a few rooms the size of the one you see below.  I have no idea how they fit all of the kids in there, but they some how do.  

I left feeling a greater appreciation for the school my 6-year-old son attends and just very grateful for teachers who invest in kids all over the world.  

One of the things we did at the school was paint the chalk boards with chalk board paint.  Here's part of the team sanding down one of the chalk boards.  They turned out really nice when we were done.

Several kids were at the school "helping" us.  I think they enjoyed painting us more than anything, but it was fun to work beside them.  The little boy with Leah is named "Lavinsky." He's quite the dancer and is just a fun boy to be around.

Above is one of the classrooms before we painted it.  Below is what it looked like when we were finished.  Not too shabby for a bunch of "blancs" ... that's what they call "white" people here in Haiti.  

We have a few people on our team who are sick, so we'd definitely appreciate your prayers.  The heat is, well, incredibly hot!  Combine that with a change in diet and it sometimes effects stomachs pretty badly.  Please pray that all the stomach issues get resolved quickly.

The trip has been very challenging so far and each of us are learning so much.  It's been awesome to see our team journaling about their experiences, reaching out to so many people, working so incredibly hard, and just having absolutely great attitudes through it all!  I'm so proud of them.  Some of our girls are also breaking the hearts of some of the Haitian boys as well.  For some reason the boys just don't understand why the girls won't move to Haiti.  :)  I'm glad we just went through our "dating" series at axis to help give the girls wisdom.  (haha)

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  1. Thank you so much for posting updates and pictures. When I was in Port au Prince in the 80s, I studied the education system and wrote a paper on those little schools. That picture of the school room brings back so many memories.
    Miss you and praying. Lisa Puckett


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