Friday, February 8, 2013

The Daddy/Daughter Dance

I've said it before but I grew up in a church that was totally against dancing.  The mantra was "A good Christian stays away from pre-marital sex because it can lead to dancing!"   Well, some of the folks at my old church may be turning over in their grave if they knew that I was now planning dances!  

One of my absolute favorite events is happening tonight at our church.  It's our Daddy/Daughter Dance.  The reason I love this event is because it gives a dad the opportunity to help his daughter feel cherished.  You don't have to be a child psychologist to know that if a child feels loved, that feeling (or lack thereof) will greatly affect his/her behavior and self-esteem.  A child who believes they are loved will, among other things ...
  • Be confident
  • Feel secure
  • Be at peace
  • Have joy
  • Show the courage to try new things
And, daughters especially will be less likely to search for love in unhealthy ways because they are feeling incredibly loved already by their fathers and are being shown how they should expect to be treated by any guy fortunate enough to catch their eye.

This is why we do the dance.  We believe the family, the community, and culture overall is positively impacted when a dad steps up and loves his kids the way kids are all longing to be loved ... especially our girls.

I can't wait to take my two beautiful princesses out tonight.  I think they are more excited about eating a cupcake than dancing with me, but I'm totally OK with that.  They will have a great time and at the end of the night they will know their dad is absolutely in love with them.  


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