Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rising to a Challenge

Yesterday afternoon I went for a run and two of my kids wanted to come with me.  So, I took them for a mile jog and it was such a good time!  With a 1/4 of a mile left I noticed that they were both starting to get pretty tired.  So, I was trying to think of how to motivate them a bit.  So, I asked my son a simple question ... "Do you think you can beat Mercy to the house?"  Without hesitation he said "Yep."  He then took off and never looked back!  

As I watched him run on ahead, I was reminded about how motivating a simple challenge can be.  What was turning in to boredom was given new life when it became a challenge.  We like to rise to meet challenges.  This is true for both men and women, but I think it's particularly true for men.  Men have an innate calling to "rise up" and nothing causes us to rise up more than a challenge.  Every challenged faced gives us the strength to face another.  Every challenge overcome, gives us the courage to believe we can overcome another.  And, even if the challenge results in a defeat, one has still allowed themselves to rise to the occasion and that, in itself, is a win every time.

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