Monday, August 20, 2012

Yes You Can ... Axis Wrap Up 8-15-12

We kicked off our fall ministry at axis this past Wednesday and really had a blast.  It was so much fun to be together again and to see lots of new faces as well because it was the first night for our new group of 7th graders.  There was a lot of excitement in the area and kids serving virtually everywhere.  Loved to see it all!

We had a couple of fun things that we did.  Our summer intern, Josh, and I hammed it up a bit at the beginning saying how much we missed each other over the summer.  I then dedicated a song to him ... What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction.  We played the video and just started an impromptu dance party, which was lots of fun.  We then played this funny rap video and during the part of the song ... "Yell Krispy Kreme" ... we had some of our leaders decked out in flat bills come out and pass out Krispy Kreme donuts to everyone.  Kids weren't expecting it and it was a fun moment.  

It was a fun night with a powerful worship time led by Pastor Jeremy.  We also introduced our theme for the month which is "Yes You Can."  We started by talking about Allyson Felix, the US sprinter who recently won gold in the 200M.  We discussed how she had one silver in the past 2 Olympics and described winning a silver medal as "motivation."  We watched one of her training videos and how hard she worked for the past 4 years in order to get to one moment that was only going to last around 20 seconds ... the 200M race.  This Olympics was her moment ... her moment to win the gold.   I related that to how I believe many of our students are at a similar moment in their lives ... a moment that will decide if they will take steps forward or stay where they are at.  A moment that will decide if they will step up to the challenge or sit back down.  I believe many of them are wanting more, longing for more, expecting more from themselves.  I asked them the question, "If now is your moment, how will you respond?"  

We looked at the story of Joshua (Joshua 1:1 - 9) and how he was groomed for years to be the successor to Moses.  For years he was watching Moses, learning from him, always being given greater and greater responsibilities.  Now the time had finally come for him to step up and do what God had called him to do ... lead this people.  And, in Joshua 1, God didn't say that Joshua could do this because of his great abilities or because of his talents or because he was so popular or anything like that.  God simply said "I will be with you."  Those 5 words are life changing!

Because God said "I will be with you," Joshua could then be "strong and courageous."  The enemy wants to fill us with fear because fear keeps us from being filled up with the Holy Spirit.  So, he'll fill us with self doubt and anything else to keep us from being a threat to him.  But, when we believe what God says ... "I will be with you" ... that makes us a dangerous threat to the enemy and his agenda.  Self doubt always hears the words "No you can't."  If you believe God you hear the words "Yes you can."  

Whatever God calls us to do He equips us to do.  So, we began to look at what we are called to do in the Bible.  If you think you can't make a difference, yes you can!  God says we are called to be the light of the world.  If you think you can't overcome temptation, yes you can!  God says He will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear.  If you think you'll never be able to share your faith, yes you can!  Jesus tells us to go in to all the world and make disciples.  If God calls us to do it, He equips us to do it, and God plus anybody else is ALWAYS the majority.

It was a really powerful night wrapped up with a moving worship time.  I look forward to seeing our students take steps forward and believe the truth of God's word ... "I will be with you."    

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