Monday, August 6, 2012

Back from Maine

Just a short post to say my family and I just made it back from a week in Maine on Saturday.  Lots of time outside.  Lots of time walking in the woods.  Lots of time with extended family (as you can see from the picture above). I loved seeing our kids play with their cousins and have so much fun together.  And, Judah certainly didn't lack any love, that's for sure.  All of the cousins wanted to take turns holding him.  He was a big hit!   Anyway, it was a great week away.  

The drive was 21 hours one way, partly because of bringing a nursing baby boy with us.  We didn't think it was a good idea to leave him in Indiana.  But, our kids did AMAZING on the trip!  They travel so well and I'm incredibly grateful for that.

I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a "relaxing" vacation (having 10 kids under 8 years old in the house isn't a recipe for relaxation), but I would say it was incredibly refreshing.  Refreshing to be with family ... refreshing to experience the outdoors ... refreshing to be away from the normal routine.  It was certainly good to be away, but I'm also glad to be back.

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