Friday, March 9, 2012

What I'm Learning From "Stop Joseph Kony"

Wednesday I saw the above picture for the first time and was curious about what it was, but simply did not have the time to look in to it.  Then, that night at our youth ministry, one of our girls came up to me and began talking to me about a movement to "Stop Joseph Kony."  She told me that I HAD to watch this video about the movement.  I promised her that I would ... and I did.  The video already has over 52 million hits on You Tube and is worth the 30 minutes it takes to watch it.  The idea is simple:   Let's work together to stop a war-lord from continuing to commit atrocities in Africa.  The video has gone "viral" and this is what I've learned from that ...

- If a person catches the "fire" to do something, they simply cannot be happy doing anything else ... a "Holy Discontent" as Bill Hybels has written on ... look out.  Passion is a fuel that burns hot in the soul ... but you only have so much of it.  I do not want to waste the fuel of my passion on things that do not matter.  If I'm only given so much passion to burn, I want to use it on what matters most.

- The goal and vision of "Stop Joseph Kony" is clear and simple ... stop Joseph Kony. It reminds me that "clear and simple" is good.  Any vision I have for my ministry will be most effective if it's clear and easily understood by those I have the opportunity to serve.  Don't make the steps too big or the directions unclear when striving to get somewhere ... in my case ... how can a person thrive and their relationship with Jesus and reach others for Him?  

- A group of people working together on a common goal and vision are a force to be reckoned with.  I've seen this at work in our church and our youth ministry.  When we've all been on mission ... together ... united to reach a common goal ... POWERFUL things has always happened.    

This has been a good reminder for me personally to continue to use my passions and the force that the local church can be to bring about good in our society and to point people to Jesus.

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