Friday, March 23, 2012

A Day in the Life ...

Each day as a pastor is different.  It makes what I do fun and challenging at the same time.  I've come to learn in my 10 years at Grace Community that it's good to have a plan for the day, but to be OK with throwing that plan out the window.  Anyway, here's a sample of my day today:

- Video shoot
- Recap of Wednesday night's axis
- Check and return messages and emails
- Prep for pre-marital counseling appointment Saturday morning
- Helping Pastor Jon find some funny videos for his 56th Street Sleepover tonight. (For some reason I'm often chosen as the guy who can find funny/stupid videos to entertain people ... it's a gift.)

- 3 mile run over lunch
- Long phone conversation with a man who turned his life over to Jesus!  What an awesome phone call!
- Planning our student leadership night and connecting with the kids who are leading and giving them my thoughts for teaching
- Impromptu meeting with someone who just needed to talk
- Shopping for elder meeting breakfast tomorrow morning

Every day is different.  Some things take longer than others.  Some things are more enjoyable than others.  Some days are nothing but pure fun.  Some days are more stressful and hectic and challenging.  But, I seriously feel incredibly blessed to be a pastor and am incredibly humbled to be chosen as one who cares for Jesus's bride ... the Church.

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