Monday, March 5, 2012

Axis Wrap Up - Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone

This past Wednesday was "Leap Day" so we decided to theme our night at axis along those lines.  We passed out some fun "Leap Wear" that went over really well with our kids.  We also had 3 of our student leaders teaching on "Leaping Out of Your Comfort Zone."  They spoke on 3 things that we're often afraid of doing, but are so important to do ... 1) Sharing Jesus  2) Going on a mission trip  3) Branching out from our group of friends and meeting others.  Our kids did a good job of leading the entire night and it was great to see them succeed and struggle a little bit through different aspects of the night.  (Note:  It's not that I want to see them struggle, but it was great to see them work through a few 'rough' spots throughout the evening.)  

Below are a few pictures from the night

A sample of the "Leap Wear" we passed out ... t-shirts and underwear!

One of our student leaders teaching on going on a mission trip

Love this picture!  One of our amazing volunteers praying with a student whose mom just had surgery earlier that day.

Our kids listening to another one of our students teaching on sharing Jesus.

It was a "free hug" night at axis!

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