Friday, March 30, 2012

Axis Wrap Up - Inside Worship

We wrapped up our Inside Worship series at axis with a student led night talking about the different forms of worship.  Music is a HUGE part of worshipping God and we discussed and applied some of the various aspects of worshipping God through music. Our students talked about what it means to dance before God in worship ... and did so with some of our songs.  They also talked about some of the reasons we lift up our hands to God while singing.  If someone holds a gun to you, as a form or surrender one would "put up their hands."  So, raising our hands to God is a form of surrendering to Him.  Also, think about a toddler who wants to be picked up.  They go to their mom or dad and lift up their hands to them saying, in essence, "Mom, Dad, I need you.  Help me.  I want to be held."  Lifting up our hands to God is also a way of expressing our need for Him and desire for help.  Also, when we cheer for a team or an individual, we often lift our hands up as a way to cheer for them.  It's the same with God.  We can declare His greatness by lifting our hands.  Our kids did a great job explaining all of this.

We also talked about the fact that worship is MORE than just music.  One of our students talked through some of the different Hebrew words for worship in the Bible ... words translated in to English as clapping and kneeling, and sharing a story of praise to simply name a few.  It was a great way to help our students know that worship is more than music.

Another student shared on worship as a lifestyle ... that every time we choose to have a thankful attitude, we are worshipping God.  Every time we choose to say "no" to a temptation, we are worshipping God.  Every time we live our life in such a way that it points to God ... that's worship.

Finally, one of our students shared about the fact that worship is ALL ABOUT God.  He used the example of a team picture.  If you're in the picture, the first person you look for is yourself.  Also, he used the idea of sports statistics.  He shared that he knew exactly how many tackles he made in football this year, how many interceptions, etc ... but he didn't know those same stats for anyone else on the team.  In worship, we often get focused on ourselves, but worship is not about us ... it's about God and focusing ALL of our attention upon Him and who He is.  It was really a great night.  Below are two of our student leaders sharing.

We finished our night by singing the Matt Redman song "Here for You."  And, then, during our senior high time we had a really special moment at the end where I just felt led to give students the opportunity to share a "story of praise."  Several of our students share what God has been doing in their lives.  It was really special.  I then asked that if anyone had a need for prayer ... any need at all where they wanted to see God come through for them, to stand up.  Several of our students stood and, as a group, we took time to place our hands on people and pray over them.  It ended up being a very powerful and moving moment.  

Next Week:  Off for Spring Break but excited that several of our students will be doing work around our church!  Love seeing them get plugged in to the church as a whole.

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