Friday, February 17, 2012

What Disney Can Teach the Church

Our family had the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Disney with some close friends.  It was such a fun and refreshing trip and, a majority of the fun for me personally came simply from watching my kids be totally mesmerized by the whole experience.  They had so much fun!  I hope to post some pics from our trip soon, but right now I wanted to share some brief thoughts on what the church could learn from Disney.

- The moment you entered the parking lot you were greeted by a smiling, friendly face.  People were very helpful and seemed genuinely happy that you were at Disney.  

- The workers called every little girl a princess.

- The workers took time with you.  If you had questions, they were happy to do whatever they could to answer them or find an answer for you.  You didn't feel like a "burden" to them.

- The customer service was amazing.  One way we experienced that was when our 3 year old "puked" all over herself right as we entered the park on our very last day.  It was 34 degrees that morning (not what we expected while in Florida).  We had some warm weather clothes but she just threw up all over them ... so we had to purchase something warm for her at one of the stores.  While making the purchase we told the cashier what had happened and she gave us $25 off the purchase.  She didn't have to do that, but still did.  It was a very kind and thoughtful gesture in an attempt to make our time at Disney be memorable.

- Everything was clearly marked.

- Everything was done with excellence.

- I left thinking "wow!"  Disney has a reputation to uphold and they did a great job of upholding it and representing the "Disney tradition" well.

One of the things I pray every Sunday before our services and every Wednesday night before axis starts is that we would represent God well.  I firmly believe that if we give others a clear representation of who God is and what God does in our lives, it will be attractive.  The Bible says to "Taste and see that the Lord is good." Psalm 34:8.  If others get a taste of God ... a clear picture of who He is, I believe they will see that the Lord is good!  And, our role as followers of Jesus is to represent Him well ... to allow Him to be on display in our lives.  How attractive will it be when someone enters a church parking lot and is greeted by a smiling face directing traffic and genuinely excited they just pulled in.  How attractive will it be if men at churches treat ALL women with respect and integrity ... if we are ALWAYS a gentleman treating a lady as a princess.  How attractive will it be if we show a genuine interest and concern in people's lives.  How attractive will it be if we always go above and beyond what we have to do ... doing more than is expected because we want to serve others as we have been served by Jesus Himself!  I tell our volunteers and student leaders often that there aren't many days of the week when a person's life can literally be changed ... when God intervenes and the Holy Spirit steps in and brings life change to a person.  Any time a student walks through our doors on a Wednesday or a person walks through our doors on a Sunday there is the opportunity and potential for God to step in and change that person's life.  We need to take that responsibility seriously and fulfill our role and partner with the Holy Spirit to create and environment where change can take place.

I left my time at Disney inspired and reminded of the importance of my life representing God well and reminded that if the Church is on mission together to do that, we can reach people for Jesus in amazing ways!

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