Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take Advantage of Today!

Leap year: Let's do something different!

by Kurt Johnston & Josh Griffin

Today is a free day! It’s a bonus, a perk, an extra opportunity to live in a moment of time and space that won’t show up again for four more years. Okay, it’s really just February 29th…and it’s not much different than yesterday. But since today won’t happen again for a long time we are going to give you a little challenge for today. Actually it’s several challenges, that when tallied together, will totally 29….in honor of today.

Do 3 Random Acts of Kindness Today:
Buy a stranger a cup of coffee, offer to empty the trash in a co-workers office, point out the fact that your boss’ toupee looks exceptionally realistic.

Call 5 Folks Who Haven’t Heard From You In A While:                                     
Call one of your parents, call an old friend from college, or call somebody whose birthday popped up on Facebook.

Pray For 10 People By Name:
It doesn’t need to be a long prayer, but mention 10 folks specifically in your quiet time today.

Make A List Of 7 Things You Love About Your Spouse:                              
Don’t read them to him or her, instead put them in your bible or journal and refer to the list the next time you are tempted to nit-pick about something dumb.

Meditate On Your 4 Favorite Bible Verses:      
These are your favorites for a reason. Spend some time reminding yourself why.

Happy a great February 29th!

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