Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Disney Trip

Ironic that the day after the Super Bowl, I too was "Going to Disney World!"  It was my first time at Disney and my family had such a wonderfully refreshing time with another family while we were there.  I wouldn't necessary call a trip to Disney relaxing (we did 4 parks in 5 days) but it was incredibly refreshing and we built some great memories with our family.  

We tried to hit the parks as soon as they opened.  So, we'd get there and then hit the really popular or rides before there were heavy crowds in the park.  We'd also get "fast passes" for other rides and be able to ride them more quickly at certain points in the afternoon.  It was a pretty good strategy that kept us from having to wait for seriously long times in lines.

We did Hollywood Studios and Epcot in the first two days.  Lots of memories I will never forget at those parks but the main one I will always remember is my son "fighting" Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios.  Seriously, this is all he talked about doing for weeks leading up to the trip.  He was so pumped for the opportunity to defeat Darth Vader.  The moment that I will never forget is when the "Jedi Master" is sending all of the jedi in training to the side of the stage when all of the sudden Storm Troopers come out on stage.  Well, Ezra stops in the middle of the stage and "activates" his light saber and just stares down the Storm Troopers.  It was seriously hilarious!  I wish I could probably describe the look on his face.  He was so ready to do some butt kicking!  Poor Darth Vader didn't realize what he was in for..

My daughter Mercy loved seeing all of the shows and the characters.  She just had a blast and I loved seeing her enjoy herself.  She was able to have her picture taken with several characters and loved watching the parades as well.  The above picture is one I never thought I'd have taken.  :)  But, it was a night out with just the adults and my daughter loves Sleeping Beauty.  So, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get a picture with her and then show it to my daughter the next day.  She loved it!

The rides were lots of fun, the shows were amazing ... it really was a "magical" time.  I had so much fun taking Ezra on his first roller coaster.  He did both Expedition Everest and Space Mountain and had a blast.  I was in high school when I went on my first roller coaster.  The dude is 4 and he's already riding them.  He really impressed me!  I loved the Safari, the ride Soarin' (just absolutely amazing), and each of the roller coasters we went on.  The whole experience was so memorable and I loved having the opportunity to be there with family and friends.  

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