Friday, February 24, 2012

Axis Wrap Up - Uncommon Prayer

We spent our night at axis Wednesday focusing on Uncommon Prayer.  I rearranged the night a little bit so we could have as much time in our Chat Groups as possible.  I talked briefly on two people in the Bible who prayed "uncommon" prayers ... Joshua and Elijah.  We then watched the 9 minute video above by Steven Furtick on prayer.  Really powerful and challenging.  For the rest of the night our kids went with the adult leaders to Chat Groups and discussed questions on prayer like:

"What would it look like if everyone prayed the way I prayed?"
"What are common excuses for not praying?"
"Why do our requests to God often not measure up to the size of God?"
There were several other questions, but our last question was "What are things you'd like to see 'crushed' under the force of prayer?"  We then had students in the groups prayer for each other.

It was a great night and my prayer throughout the day for our students was that they would learn that prayer is "powerful and effective"  (James 5:17) and they's walk away with a passion to pray "God-sized" prayers.

Next Week:  A student-led night dedicated to Leap Year.  Take Leaps of Faith!

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