Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Beth Moore Quotes

One of my favorite authors and speakers is Beth Moore.  She's an incredibly gifted communicator with an amazing story of how God can completely change a person's life.  During our staff meeting at Grace today, we spent some time watching Passion 2012 online and Beth Moore was the speaker we heard.  I was completely blown away as she shared from Luke 8:40 - 56.  Here are just a few of the things she said that I just had to write down:

- "It is impossible for you to go unnoticed by God."

- "For most of us, the greatest need we have for healing is intensely private.  We are as sic as our secrets.  We have a tendency to hide what needs the most healing."

- "You cannot be unclean enough to mess Jesus up."

- "Jesus makes Himself easy to grab on too."

- "When you feel God's healing, He feels it too."

- "You cannot consume God, but He can consume you."

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