Thursday, January 12, 2012

Small Things Can Create Big Changes

Chuck Noll, former coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers once said "Great teams are great because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else." When you work hard, do more than what's expected of you, and do the little things better than anyone else, well, that's a formula for success, not just in sports but in life too. Imagine what our families would look like if husbands and wives were trying to out serve the other. Imagine what our ministries would look like if we paid attention to the small details just as much as we did the big ones. Imagine if we focused our greatest efforts on the two simplest ways to know God ... reading our Bible and praying.

While its true that there are some instances where BIG changes may need to be made in families, ministries or life in general for greatness to happen, more times than not, I believe, that simple, practical changes and attention to the everyday, ordinary things can bring amazing success and cause lives and families to thrive.

What are some things you may need to pay more attention too? What small changes do you have to make in order to thrive in your life?

Below I've linked a post to a great post from Doug Fields on small things you can do to help your family thrive. Really good stuff.

5 Way to Change the Environment of Your Family

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