Monday, January 9, 2012

My Unfortunate Prediction on the Steelers vs. Broncos

The Steelers' loss to the Denver Broncos yesterday marked the end of their season.  I had someone post something on my Facebook page about the Broncos probably not standing a chance against the Steelers.  My reply to that post was this:  "Haha.  One thing I've learned with the Steelers though is not to get too over confident.  It should be a really good game."   I've been a Steelers fan long enough to see the wins to teams they probably should have lost too and the losses to teams they should have beaten ... especially in the playoffs.  I had a bad feeling the entire week about the game.  I was confident they could stop the Broncos running game ... not so confident they could prevent a deep pass for a score, especially with Ryan Clark not playing.  But, I never thought most of the passes would go against their best corner back, Ike Taylor.  He played the worst game I've ever seen him play.  I wouldn't call him a great corner back, but he's really good.  It was just an awful game for him.  We all have those.  His just happened to be yesterday. 

Each team has a small window of opportunity to be great and to make Super Bowl runs.  I think the team, in it's current form, has run out of time and will need to make some significant changes in the offseason to get younger and start another run.  I trust the Steelers front office and know they'll make good football decisions.

I'm hoping the Broncos can pull off another upset against the Patriots this weekend!  That upset won't bother me nearly as much as the one Sunday. 

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