Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Axis Wrap Up - Lies ... God Can't Use Me

Most of the time we underestimate what God wants to do in our life.  And, I believe, it's real subtle.  It's not that we don't believe God can't work or won't work.  It's not that we believe God doesn't use people.  It's just that many times we believe that God won't use us or couldn't use us.  It's a lie from the enemy to keep us ineffective.

We addressed this lie at axis last Wednesday night and spent some time looking at a story in the book of Judges about a guy named Ehud.  It's found in Judges 3:12 - 30.  A couple of cool things about this story:

1) God used this guy with a crazy name ... Ehud ... to bring peace to Israel for 80 years.
2) Ehud was left-handed ... considered a handicap or disability in his day.
3) Ehud was from the tribe of Benjamin.  The word "Benjamin" in Hebrew means "son of the right hand."
4) Ehud was left-handed and came from a place called "son of the right hand."  In other words ... he probably didn't fit in.

But, God still used him.  The take-a-way from the story was that God wants us to embrace who He has created us to be.  He doesn't want us to fit in to everyone else's mold.  He has specifically gifted us with abilities and talents and passions and will provide opportunities for us to use those specific abilities, talents, and passions.  Ephesians 2:10 says that we were created to do good things.

Something else pretty cool from this passage ... God used Ehud to defeat a wicked king who was keeping the Israelites captive.  Ehud used his left hand to kill the king with a sword.  The very thing that was considered a disability (his left hand) is what God used to bring victory!  I believe God wants to use our weaknesses more than our strengths because it truly puts Him on display in our lives.  So, the thing that maybe you're most ashamed of, the thing that has created the most hurt in your life, the thing you're most embarrassed about ... God wants to work through that!

God has a purpose for each of us.  Every single day I believe God will provide opportunities for us to do something good.  When we embrace Jesus' way of life, we become dangerous for God.  Don't underestimate what God wants to do in your and through you.

This Wednesday's Lie:  A Good Life Will Get You to Heaven.  I'm excited because it's a student led night.  Should be great!

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