Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 10 Posts of 2011

I'm really having a hard time believing 2011 is nearly over.  This has definitely been the fastest I remember a year going by.  I'm once again reminded of doing my best to not waste the time God has graciously given to me.  The picture above is one of my favorite youth ministry pictures taken this year.  It pretty much describes how I feel sometimes ... having lots of fun, feeling pulled in many different directions, but feeling blessed and loved all at the same time.

Below I've listed my 10 favorite posts from 2011 (there are a few extras in there.  It's sort of like getting a baker's dozen.)  I continue to enjoy typing out some of my thoughts.  It's often very therapeutic for me to do so and, I hope, enjoyable and encouraging for others to read.  

10.  Feels Like Home ... a post about my Bible.

9. All the reasons I love my church ...Why I Love My ChurchAnother Reason Why I Love Our Church and I Really Love My Church

8. What I Learn from a Loss ... my thoughts after the Steelers' lost the Super Bowl.

7. Dig a Little Deeper ... what happens when you're willing to go below the surface with people.

6. What's That Smell?  ... thoughts after an impromptu giving of shoes at our church

5. Final Nicaragua Update ... my final thoughts after our mission trip to Nicaragua

4. Walking  Through Some Fear and It's Benefits ... my journey learning how to swim this year.

3. My Utah Hikes:  The Narrows, Bryce Canyon, Emerald Pools/Weeping Rock, and Angel's Landing.

2. My Vows to My Daughter and What's in a Name ... the vows I wrote to Torah for her first birthday and how we chose the names for our three kids.

1. Indiana Tough Mudder Recap ... my thoughts after completing "probably the toughest event on the planet" ... a Tough Mudder.

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