Friday, December 23, 2011

A Scare at Home

Above is my baby girl Torah.  She's just a little over 1 year old.  You may notice a bandage on her right hand and some blood on her shirt.  Well, there's a reason for that.  This past Monday we had a bit of a scare in the Yauger household.  My wife had an appointment and I was at home getting my son ready for pre-school.  Torah and my other daughter Mercy were playing near our bedroom.  Well, I hear the bedroom door slammed shut and a few seconds later I hear Torah crying.  Crying happens all the time in a home full of toddlers so I didn't initially think anything of it until my son pointed out to me "Dad, I think I see blood!"  Well, that doesn't happen all the time in our household so I went to go check things out and I see my poor baby girl covered in blood.  And then I noticed her little finger ... with a part of it missing!  My heart just sank.  Mercy had accidentally shut Torah's finger in our bedroom door and it literally took the tip of her finger off!  I picked her up and did my best to get the bleeding under control and to try to comfort my baby girl.  I was covered in blood.  She was covered in blood.  Ezra and Mercy ... well they were coloring (a strong sense of compassion hasn't quite developed in their 4 and 2 year old spirits).  Thankfully, everything turned out to be OK.  We took her to the doctor.  Nothing was broken.  Just the tip of her finger was gone (which we still haven't found yet, but that's another story).  We've had a few more trips to the doctor this week to get the finger looked at and Torah seems to be doing just fine.  The doctor said in a few month we won't even be able to notice that anything happened!  But, what a scare.

For parents, seeing their kids hurt is one of the hardest things in the world.  I so wanted to be able to take the hurt away ... to just make the pain stop.  All of that got me thinking about Jesus coming to earth at Christmas and God the Father knowing the pain that Jesus was going to eventually experience for you and for me AND, for the first time EVER God the Father was going to have to turn His face from Jesus as He took the penalty for our sin.  

"For God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His one and only Son that WHOEVER believes in Him should not perish but have EVER-LASTING life."  John 3:16

As a parent I have an entirely different appreciation for that verse and for the love that was shown to me and to each of us on that night Jesus was born.

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