Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It Took Twice As Long But ...

My wife and I have a tradition where we always put up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  This year has been no different, but what is different for us is that our son and daughter REALLY love "helping" decorate the tree.  If you've ever done anything with little children you'll understand that the process is just a whole lot longer.  What used to take my wife an I and hour or two now takes 3 to 4 hours with our kids .. but it's so worth it!

I'm a sucker for everything Christmas and love trying to make it a fun, special time for my family.  My encouragement to you is this ... what are you doing to make Christmas memorable and special for your family?  Dads, often times we leave this up to our wives to plan but why not take the lead this year and come up with some special things to do together as a family.  Surprise your family by saying we're dropping everything to go out for hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights.  Be overly generous by sacrificing some of what you would spend on your family and spend it on someone else.  Initiate the Christmas story and talk about why Jesus came to earth.  It may take a little extra effort on your part, especially after a long day at work, but that effort will be so worth it.  Your family will appreciate what you are doing and you'll create some lasting memories to share with each other.  

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