Friday, December 2, 2011

Axis Wrap Up - "All In for God"

We had a great night at axis on Wednesday with a really powerful challenge on what it means to be "all in" for God.  We looked at Romans 12:1 - 2 and spent some time discussing what that could look like in our lives if we truly offered ourselves as a sacrifice to God and were truly transformed.  Just tried to be straight with our kids letting them know that following Jesus is more than showing up on a Wednesday night ... it's more than showing up on a Sunday morning.  When you follow Jesus, you do just that ... you follow Him.  You order your life around His way of life, not trying to be perfect or anything like that, but simply striving to know Him deeper and live as He would live.  I believe many of our kids left with a greater understanding of what it means to follow Jesus and left with a greater desire to do just that.

We also had a new game called "Feets of Strength."  The idea was simple ... we just did some games that required lots of strength.  (I'm just that creative).  :)  We had a rope climb (both guys and girls volunteered to do it) and we had an old Indian stick wrestling game that was lots of fun to watch.  Kids really seemed to enjoy doing them and watching them.  Here are some pics and a video below.

Next week week we start our Christmas series!  Can't wait.

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