Friday, November 4, 2011

Axis Wrap Up - Guys and Girls Finale

We ended our Guys and Girls series at axis Wednesday night in a great way!  We split up the guys and the girls and talked specifically to them about issues they specifically face.  The night went really well and I think both our guys and girls came away challenged and encouraged.

Our girls had the great opportunity to hear from Shelby Norris.  Shelby is a friend of my wife and has a truly inspiring story.  She talked to our girls about the things she struggled with growing up as a teenager.  She was very inspiring.  She's also a dancer so she incorporates dance in to her story and everything really seemed to connect with our girls.  I was so thankful she was able to share with them.

We did a Q & A time with the guys and let me tell you, some of the questions were pretty intense.  But, as I opened our time up I told the guys no questions were off limits.  We really wanted to speak openly and honestly about some of the struggles guys have and many of the questions they wrestle with every day.  It was a very honest time and our guys really seemed to appreciate the honest answers I tried to give to their questions.  Again, just a really good night.

Some of our middle school guys before our Q & A time.

We did a fun "Stupid People Tricks" bit during the night.  There are some very strange talents in our youth ministry!  It was fun to see some of them on display ... although I feel really awkward staring at Josh's stomach.

For our senior high time we had our team that visited Urban Hope share about their experience.  But, to do that, we started out bringing one girl from the team up in a very serious way.  We mentioned that she was going to talk about a life changing experience she had in Philadelphia on the mission trip and just as she was getting ready to talk ... she started dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe.  The rest of the team then began to "flash mob" the dance with her.  It was lots of fun.

This is Shelby sharing with our girls.  Her story and the way she presented it connected so well with our girls.

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