Friday, September 2, 2011

Whatever It Takes to Serve

We had a really fun night at axis Wednesday as we continued our Whatever It Takes series.  We spent time talking about doing whatever it takes to serve.  As followers of Jesus, certain things should set us apart.  One of those things is how we help others.  We can stand out by how we help out.  We looked at Mark 9:33 - 35 and talked about how embracing Jesus' way of life means we embrace a life of serving others and putting our own wants and desires aside in an effort to help others.  We watched this video which is an incredibly inspiring video of someone willing to sacrifice to help another. 

I also used the illustration of holding a mirror in front of me.  As long as I hold a mirror in front of myself, the only person I see is me ... I don't see "you."  But, once I put the mirror down, my eyes are taken off of myself and now I see "you."  I used that illustration to discuss the idea that as long as we are only focused on ourselves, we'll never be servants and never living life the way Jesus asks us to live.

We also sent a team of students and adults out to "bless" somebody.  It was totally random and kids were chosen on the spot by one of our adults.  They went out in to town and tried to creatively serve someone.  It was really cool to hear their stories when they got back.

Next Week:  Do Whatever It Takes to Surround Yourself with Positive Influences.

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