Friday, September 16, 2011

The Narrows Hike

While in Utah on vacation we did several hikes.  Our hike through The Narrows was our first one and really set the tone for us the rest of the week.  There are a few different ways to do this hike ranging from a few hours to a few days.  We hiked 7 miles and we went from approximately 9am to 3pm, with a nice stop for lunch.

About 75% of the hike is through the Virgin River.  The water was about 65degrees and the depth of it went anywhere from ankle deep to over our heads.  Cardiovascularly it wasn't incredibly difficult, but you really did have to watch your step in the river and by the end of our hike, both my wife's legs and my legs were fairly tired from walking upstream and downstream ... both of which have their own unique challenges.

The scenery was just amazing!  Again, it was the first hike of our vacation and I can't really imagine a better way to start our hiking in Utah.  The rock formations themselves were just amazing, but then you combine that with the sun hitting the rocks ... well, seriously ... breathtaking.  

On our hike up the river we encountered a few spots where the water was up to our chests.  On the way down, we actually floated through those really high sections which was really a lot of fun ... once getting past the chill of the water.  If you do the longer hike you'll also need some special shoe wear, a walking stick, and a "dry bag" ... all things you can rent from a great place called Zion Adventures.  

What we really enjoyed most was doing the hike together and we really liked the variety of things we encountered.  Some of it was on dry land, some climbing over rocks, some in low water, some in high water ... it just gave us a fresh variety and made everything so much fun.  If we ever go back, our plan is to take the 2 day hike and spend time camping while we do it.

We loved being surrounded by the river and the rock.

This part of the hike was close to the junction of Orderville Canyon and Wall Street ... two of the really breath taking parts of the hike.  We had lunch at the junction and it was by far the best view we've ever had while eating a lunch.  Really made the peanut butter and jelly taste good.

If we weren't in the water or walking on sand, we were climbing over rocks ... lots of rocks.  Again, the variety of what we were hiking on really kept things fresh.

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