Monday, September 19, 2011

Emerald Pools and Weeping Rock Hikes

On our 3rd day of vacation in Utah we decided to take some easier hikes.  The first two days were filled with hikes that lasted the entire day so we decided to take a few different shorter hikes on this day.  We spent some time at the Zion Lodge and also just looking around the Visitor Center.  But, we also did 4 smaller hikes ... the Lower, Middle, and Upper Emerald Pools and also to Weeping Rock.  The Emerald Pools made for a really pretty hike.  Getting to the Lower Pool was not difficult at all.  Most of it was on a paved path.  Once there, though, we were greeted by a small water fall that had a small pool of water at the bottom that was "greenish" in color ... hence the name Emerald Pool.  The scenery around the pool was very pretty and I can only imagine what it would look like after a rain storm because I'm sure the water fall would be much larger.  

Getting to the Middle and Upper Pools was a little more strenuous.  Lots of climbing, but the trail was very well marked.  And, again, the scenery on the way was really pretty.  We started our morning a little later than the previous two mornings and we were fully exposed to the sun on this hike, so even though these trails were not as strenuous as the ones we had been on the previous two days, it just felt hotter.

The Middle Pool was just a very shallow pool of water while the upper pool was larger and deeper and looked more like a small pond.  Honestly, we weren't that impressed with the middle pool but the Upper Pool was surrounded by large rocks that you could climb which was lots of fun.  Carol and I climbed up some large rocks, found a spot in the shade, and just sat for a while taking in the scenery.  

The Weeping Rock trail was a short 1/2 mile trail to the top, but very steep.  Weeping Rock is a large formation of rock that has a natural spring coming out of it year round.  Again, after a rain storm, I'm sure the amount of water coming out is much greater and would really make for some beautiful pictures.

We spent most of the day outside taking lighter walks and hikes and really enjoyed being active, but also giving our legs a bit of a rest.

The view from the start of our morning hike.

The small water fall at the Lower Emerald Pools.  This part of the Park was very pretty and is considered a "hidden treasure."

Our view from high atop the rocks at the Upper Pool.

The view from Weeping Rock

The entire area where we were standing was very wet from the natural spring coming out of the rock.  I would love to see this place after a rainstorm and see water just gushing from the spring.

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