Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bryce Canyon Hike

During our trip to Zion National Park we discovered that we were only about 1 1/2 hours away from Bryce Canyon, so we took a trip there our second day in Utah and spent the day hiking through part of the canyon.  We had originally planned to ride through the canyon on horseback, but decided we wanted to have a more "hands on" or should I say "feet on" experience.  So, we hike and we were both so glad we did.  We were at an elevation of over 7000 feet at Bryce Canyon.  We loved looking at what God had created and just stood in awe at so many different parts of the day.  We were able to hike to both one of the highest points of the canyon and to one of the lowest points of the canyon, so it was a full day for us.

The weather was perfect for most of the morning and into the early afternoon, but we noticed that temperatures would quickly change depending on what part of the canyon we were in.  While walking to the bottom of the canyon it was fairly cool because the rock around us provided a lot of shade.  But, once in the bottom of the canyon we were in the full presence of the sun and it definitely got hotter.  Not overwhelmingly hot, but I was definitely working up a sweat.  We were able to get our 5 hour hike in just before a thunderstorm arrived, which caused a dramatic drop in temperature.  A thunderstorm at Bryce Canyon is a pretty amazing thing to watch.  You can see the storm coming in and the lightning far off in the distance is spectacular to watch.  

If we are ever able to go again, we would definitely take the 18 mile drive around the canyon so we could see everything and would consider spending a night so we could see more of the canyon.  

We were surrounded by the "hoodoos" the entire day.

Walking to the bottom of the canyon was one of our favorite parts of the hike and when we finally reached the bottom, we were greeted by a narrow slot with high walls of rock on both sides.  It was an incredible sight!

This was part of our view from the spot at the bottom of the canyon where we had lunch.

The view from "Inspiration Point."  I thought it sounded like a place to "make out" and so I made the offer to my wife ... she didn't fall for it.  :)

While at the bottom of the canyon, this was pretty much our view the entire time.  It really was an incredible view and we loved being able to experience it on foot because we felt like we were part of the canyon ... which I guess we were.  Definitely worth the trip!

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