Monday, September 26, 2011

Baptisms at Grace

I was absolutely thrilled to see 51 people get baptized at Grace Community yesterday!  I just love celebrating when people take that step and I love how our church celebrates that step of obedience as well.  Baptism is a way to "go public" with your faith .... to let everyone know that you are embracing Jesus' way of life.  It's also a symbol of the forgiveness we have in Jesus Christ and how He makes us clean before God.  Yesterday was particularly cool because we had "planned" baptisms, but Pastor Jim also gave an opportunity for spontaneous baptisms as well ... a chance for people to go public.

One of the teenage girls in our youth ministry led the way for spontaneous baptisms.  I was so proud of her and loved seeing a teenager step up and lead in this.  

Dad's were able to baptize their children and you can see what a special moment it is.

I had an opportunity to baptize someone who is a volunteer in our youth ministry and also in my small group.  Really felt honored and humbled to have that opportunity.

At the end of each service, we give the church a chance to congratulate those who got baptized.  Baptism is a big deal and we try to make it a big deal at Grace.  I just love how our people respond and are just genuinely happy when people "take the plunge."

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