Friday, September 30, 2011

Axis Wrap Up - The Path

At the beginning of the year we did a series at axis called The Path ... the idea that the direction you choose to go will determine where you end up.  In our series opener we gave kids an opportunity to write down what they wanted to be known as by the end of the year.  We took pictures and have those pictures hung up around our building.  You can see some of the pictures right here.  Our church did the same thing at the beginning of the year with the theme Legacy.  It's October 1st tomorrow and with only 3 short months left this year, I wanted to ask our kids are they becoming who they wanted to be?  Are they setting themselves on a path that will take them where they want to go?

It was a good challenge and a hard challenge at the same time.  I really tried to convey the idea to our kids that every path will take them somewhere.  Some of it was funny.  Some of it was pretty convicting.  All of it was truth that I desperately wanted our kids to catch.  

During my entire teaching time I had all of the pictures of our teenagers and what they wrote down at the beginning of the year scrolling on the screen the entire time as a reminder ... are you on a path that is taking you where you want to go.  

We had some really fun elements during the night including "Cotton Eyed Joe" Just Dance, some prize give-a-ways, some great testimonies, and a very moving time of worship at the end of our night.  Below are some pictures from the night.

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